Taevavärava commercial building – new rental spaces near Jüri roundabout!

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Taevavärava commercial building is a new two-storey warehouse and production building near Jüri roundabout. With the completion of the building, nearly 7000 square metres of modern and energy-efficient commercial space will be added to the Jüri-Lehmja-Pildiküla industrial area, which is ideal for medium-sized and large companies to open their new branch in one of the fastest developing business environments in Estonia.

The building under development consists of stock-office rental premises, i.e. warehouse, production and office spaces. The advantage of the stock-office concept is the possibility to conveniently bring all company’s activities under one roof. This way, Taevavärava commercial building will be able to contain warehousing, production and logistics departments side by side. Compact office blocks are also provided in the building to organise workflow, display merchandise and host customers and partners. Taevavärava commercial building is part of the Favorte Stock trademark. The building has a building permit!

In Taevavärava commercial building, it is possible to rent multifunctional commercial premises in the size of 3000-4000 square metres. By uniting the blocks, up to 7,000 square metres of commercial space can be created. Get in touch with us and we’ll work out the right solution for your business!

The building has been awarded an A energy label, which ensures an optimal balance between business-supporting technical solutions and low utility costs. The proportions of office and warehouse premises in Taevavärava commercial building allows the future tenant to make efficient use of the space. The floor plan of the rental units can be changed according to the tenant’s wishes and the building can be adapted for use for one or several different tenants.



The commercial premises of the building consist of warehouse and production space, as well as office and retail space. This way, you can keep all your business-related activities in one place and, if you wish, at the same time host customers or partners. Plus, you save on time and logistics costs!



  • Telpher installation option
  • High storage area and automated lifting doors
  • Wide, well-lit paved areas outside
  • Possibility to move goods through the building, in from one side and out from the other
  • High-resolution security cameras and fenced territory


  • Programmable access and security systems

  • Energy efficient LED lights

  • Solar panels on the roof

  • Unit-based heating, cooling and ventilation control

  • Large on-site parking lot, bicycle racks and electric car charging point
Taevavärava ärihoone asukoht

Taevavärava commercial building is located near the intersection of Tartu highway and Tallinn roundabout, or Jüri roundabout. It is one of the busiest junctions in Estonia, with more than 40,000 cars passing through it every day, according to the Estonian Transport Administration.  From Jüri roundabout, all tenants of Taevavärava commercial building are guaranteed extremely good and smooth access to all major Estonian highways, avoiding congestion within the city.

At the same time, the city border of Tallinn is only a 7-minute drive from Taevavärava, which makes doing business especially easy and convenient. Along Tallinn roundabout, you can take the route to the ports of Paldiski and Muuga and Via Baltica; along Tartu highway to the port of Tallinn and southern Estonia. A regular bus connection has been established between Tallinn city centre and Jüri, and the bus stops closest to Taevavärava office building are Jüri and Põrguvälja.

The borough of Jüri, together with the villages of Pildiküla and Lehmja, has undergone a major upgrade over the past decade, with the main motorways and off-roads repaired, which has further boosted the development of new business parks in the area. Today, the industrial and logistics district in Jüri has developed into a highly functional and active business environment with diners, petrol stations and other amenities.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of companies have relocated to the region, including Orkla, Rimi, Saku Metall, Ramirent, Itella, Omniva, Smarten and many others. Maybe you too can find partners here to help you make your company’s supply chain and other business processes faster and more efficient in the future.

General information


Office from 7.9 €/m2
Warehouse from 5.7 €/m2


6996 m2


III quarter of 2024


III quarter of 2025